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Sailing since the age of eight, Randy Reynolds, now 47, has over 30 years of sailmaking and boat design experience. Designing sails professionally since 1972, he has built sails for hi-performance racing dinghies, large mono and multi-hulls, landsailors, iceboats, windsurfers and even hydro-foil sailboats such as the Hobie Tri-foiler.

Reynolds has also been designing sailboats and other wind driven craft since 1975. His design credits vary from sailboards, sailboats and multihulls ranging from eight to thirty four feet.

From 1980 to 1997, Reynolds was a dedicated windsurf sailmaker selling and promoting his patented Multi-Sail Sail System. Reynolds learned new ways to build sails over that of traditional sailmakers. Windsurf sailmakers were breaking new barriers in the construction and design of light and heavy wind sails.

Now, with his renewed passion for multihulls, Reynolds has turned his interests towards what he started back in the days of the Reynolds 21…to produce a trailerable, roomy multihull that is fast, strong and most important…affordable for everyone to enjoy.


co-designers and production engineers for the R33.

We are proud that Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering Inc. has come onboard as co-designers and engineers of the R33 Cat. Morrelli & Melvin will assist in the design of the production tooling, parts and rig and will be using much of their expertise learned from their successful Formula 40, Inter 18 and A-Class catamaran campaigns. This includes their experience from the 1995 America’s Cup winner “Stars and Stripes” and their most recent record smashing mega-cat design “PlayStation”. We encourage you to visit their website at

Some of Randy's design credits...

So Damn Impossible (SDI)

At age 19 Randy had already built a 25 foot, 20 foot wide racing trimaran. At that time many thought only catamarans were fast enough to race. In fact, so many people told him it was impossible to build a racing trimaran and be fast. He rebelliously named the boat “So Damn Impossible”. “SDI” as it was called for short, went on to be clocked at 12 knots in 5 knots in wind and was untouchable in light to moderate winds…not bad since he only invested $1000 dollars in the boat.

Reynolds 21 Catamaran

Most notable to Reynolds design credits is his R21 Cat. Reynolds, then age 22, built over 50 of these boats back in 1978 and 1979 before selling the company to pursue the windsurfing market.

Twenty years later many still actively sail the Reynolds 21 Catamaran. A successful design, the Reynolds 21 was clocked at 12 knots in 15 knots of wind at the PMA Worlds in 1978. Not bad for a 1000 lbs boat that had sleeping accommodations for 4 adults and was only 21 feet long.

The Reynolds 21 was also seaworthy. Many R21 sailors ventured hundreds of miles down the coast of Southern California and deep into Baja. Sailors would live months at a time on the R21. The new R33 CAT is a larger, modern day version of this successful little multihull.

Multi-Sail Windsurfing Sails

From 1980 to 1997, Reynolds was a dedicated windsurfer and windsurf sailmaker. In 1986 Reynolds invented the Multi-Sail System for windsurfing sails. In 1988 he created Multi-Sail International Inc. to promote and sell his patented system.

With the slow down of the windsurf market Reynolds stopped making windsurfing sails in 1998. With years of windsurf sailmaking experience, Reynolds learned new ways to build sails over that of traditional sailmakers. Windsurf sailmakers were breaking new barriers in the construction and design of light and heavy wind sails.

Windsurfing sails, considered the fastest soft sails on the water today, allows Reynolds to apply this knowledge to conventional sailboat sails and rigs.

The Hobie Trifoiler Sails

During the early 1990’s, Randy was contracted by Greg Ketterman to build sails for his radical hydro-foil sailboat. Greg was looking for high performance sails that were on the cutting edge of design. Randy designed several proto-types for Greg. Most of the sails incorporated the Multi-Sail system allowing the Tri-foiler to reef her sail without compromises. Currently this sail design and patented sail system is licensed to Hobie and is used as standard equipment on the Hobie Tri-Foiler.

Newick 36 Flyer Rig

After 15 years of windsurfing, Reynolds rediscovered what he loved to do in the 70’s…sail and race multi-hulls. In 1995 Reynolds bought Flyer, a Newick 36 foot Trimaran which he used to cruise, test sails and race.

He used his windsurf concepts on Flyer in the sails he built or modified. They were proving themselves with many first places including back to back wins in the Crew of Two around Catalina Island Race.

After 3 years of sailing Flyer, Reynolds sold her to start the R28 Trimaran Project and set out to build the 28 foot proto-type.

Both the rig of Flyer and the R28 Trimaran is very similar to the new rig of the R33 Cat.

The R28 Trimaran Prototype

In mid year 2000 Reynolds launched his R28 Trimaran prototype. The R28 Project was a three-phase program that produced a beautiful sailing trimaran that exceeded her sailing performance goals.

Set to have gone into production in late 2000, unforeseen circumstances prevented her production. However, Randy had a chance to put many miles on the prototype and tested many hull, sail and rig concepts.

The R28 Tri was clocked at 19 knots in only 22 knots…not bad as she was not designed to be a race boat. At 28 feet long, 20 feet wide and sporting a short but powerful 29 foot rig, the R28 was fast and easy to sail.

The R33 catamaran

After the R28 Trimaran was sold Randy was determined on producing his original idea of a marketable, affordable fast catamaran. Thus the R33 was born. Randy collaborated with Morrelli and Melvin Design and Engineering and in less than a year the first R33 was launched. After extensive sailing and testing the R33 has proven to be the boat to beat in her class wherever she sails. Check out the details of this racer/cruiser on our R33 Cat page.

The R44 catamaran
Randy has now set his sights on larger cats. Because of the success of the R33 the new 50 footer is patterned after the 33. It will have all the sailing attributes of the R33 yet due to her larger size the R44 will be more accommodating and perform even better than her smaller sistership. Check out the details on the new R44 on our R44 Cat page.

We invite you to further examine the RS line of catamarans and what they can offer you at an affordable price. If you have any questions please call us at 800-366-8584 and ask to talk with the designer.

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